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us department of veteran affairs


Roof Replacement Building 217

Scope of work included: demolition, roof decking, new construction valley flashing, ice and water shielding, ridge venting, and installing 3-tab roofing shingles and ridge cap shingles.


Group Room Renovation CREATE 1L GROUP ROOM

Performed tenant improvement in creating a group room for patients. 

Scope of work included: demolition, HVAC, installing flooring and concrete, electrical wiring, painting, mechanical, and applying finishes.


Air Make up Replacement

Scope of work included: removing, recycling, and disposing of expended make-up air units; acquiring new (OEM) air handling units of appropriate size to provide a surplus of

combustion air; installing and hanging of new air handling units; installing associated piping, wiring, ventilation and, required retrofitting to obtain an operational status; deploying and automating the make-up air unit controls with the METASYS control



federal aviation administration


St. Paul Airport Asphalt Replacement

Scope of work included: paving, sealing, and re-basing asphalt with Class 5; and patching asphalt to correct height, slope, and compact

hennepin county


Hennepin County Home Rehabilitation Projects

Contracted to renovate a Minneapolis single family home. 

Scope of work included: general project management, paving and landscaping, concrete cleaning and restoration, masonry, window replacement, installing flooring, rough carpentry, roofing replacement, mechanical, HVAC, electrical coordination of other trades associated with project.



Design-Build I-35W Burnsville, Minnesota

Scope of work included: performing environmental specialist duties by reviewing storm-water plans and amendments, performed weekly oversight and rain related inspections; inspected contractors BMP’s for maintenance and performance for erosion and sediment control

wenck construction


City of Minneapolis-Park and Recreation Board

Water Works Mezzanine Phase-Mill Ruins Park, Minneapolis


Contracted to deliver project management services for Water Works Mezzanine Phase

Scope of work includes: estimating work scopes; verifying civil rights requirements; managing bid advertisements, calls, reviews, and award notifications; managing construction and site meetings; observing, inspecting site,  change order management; and conducting safety inspections to project close.